mr. Robin van Dijk

Robin van Dijk has studied law at the Tilburg University and at the University of Sheffield (England). During her studies she became interested in real estate law in a broad sense. She has worked at the tenancy law section at the Rechtwinkel Tilburg and as a clerk at the Court Oost-Brabant where she attended (among other things) real estate matters and has written her master thesis in the field of construction law.

Robin has graduated in 2014 and directly afterwards she started as an attorney-at-law at a law firm specialized in real estate law. There she has specialised in tenancy law. Since November Robin has joined Weebers Vastgoed Advocaten.

Robin has a litigation and consultancy practice. Her clients are mainly housing corporations and commercial landlords.

Robin has registered the following jurisdictions in the register of jurisdictions of the Netherlands Bar Association:

– Tenancy law

– Construction law

According to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association, this registration obliges her to obtain ten training points in every registered jurisdiction.

Robin is a member of the Construction Law Lawyers’ Association.