mr. Bart Poort

Bart Poort studied Law in Tilburg and started as a lawyer in 2008, at a medium-sized office in Brabant. With regards to the real estate practice, he mostly engaged in tenancy and construction law. In June 2015, he joined Weebers Vastgoed Advocaten N.V. as a partner to strengthen its tenancy law practice.

Bart acts for housing corporations; breweries and restaurant exploiters; investors in housing, offices and retail; developers and (semi-) governments. He advises and litigates in the fields of leasing, renovation, rental price disputes, special forms of contracts and housing fraud. He also frequently engages in legal issues regarding the interface of real estate and healthcare and advises corporations and healthcare and wellbeing institutions about the developments in this sector.

Bart has registered the following legal areas in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar:

  • Tenancy law

According to the standards of the Netherlands Bar the registration obliges him to obtain ten training credits per year in each of the registered legal areas.

Bart is a genuine source of advocacy who is appreciated for his speed, versatility and in his role as sparring partner. In 2013, Barth successfully finished the Grotius specialisation programme in Real Estate Law.

Since 2018, Bart is also commissioner of a housing corporation, where he holds a supervisory function.

Besides being a hard worker, Bart is a real family man. He likes drinking a glass of good wine with his friends and family and is known to enjoy ‘la dolce vita’ in Italy from time to time.