For the development and realisation of construction projects, many different types of cooperation forms and contracts can be distinguished. You wish to enter the right contract, stating clear agreements regarding the quality of the project, the budget and the construction time.

We have extensive experience with conceiving and evaluating all contracts that are relevant to construction law. Therefore, all our lawyers possess specialised knowledge regarding the terms and conditions common to this market segment, and they can “read” and legally interpret the Dutch STABU and RAW documents.

In case of a dispute, arbitration by the Dutch Arbitration Board (RvA) is often prescribed. However, increasingly more parties in construction law realise that a civil court is also highly capable of evaluating a construction dispute, or that mediation offers a solution. Dispute settlement in the construction industry requires particular experience and our firm possesses more than enough. We are used to participating in the project team with multiple representatives of the principal and consultants in order to bridge the gap between the work floor or construction crew and the legal world.