Our high degree of specialisation enables us to quickly and decisively achieve the desired result in a thorough manner. This allows us to work efficiently. In addition, thanks to our work method, we are capable of responsibly employing lawyers at a lower hourly fee. Learning and gaining experience is done in our own time.

Our partner fee amounts to € 275 per hour. This fee excludes disbursements and VAT. As other consultants in the real estate industry, we do not apply a surcharge for general office costs. We also do not charge internal meeting and the first hour of travel time.

We operate nationally and do not charge travel costs and/or mileage allowance for meetings at your office or on location. For sessions or meetings elsewhere, we do not charge the first hour of travel and we charge a mileage allowance of €0,50/km.

Due to our work method, through which partners and employees work together closely, our average hourly fee amounts to € 230- € 250. Depending on the nature and scope of the case, custom pricing can be agreed upon.

Clarity regarding pricing is imperative. That is why we always agree on clear conditions beforehand that are always aligned with the needs of our clients. We offer custom service! We offer the following options:

  • cap fee:  declaration at an hourly rate, for which a limit is set for the time to be spent;
  • fixed fee: one fixed price for defined assignments;
  • fee estimates: estimate of the price within a predetermined range;
  • day fee: fixed price per day or part of the day;
  • success fee: basic compensation increased by a result compensation.

We are open to good ideas regarding custom pricing and are happy to discuss this with our clients.       

Starting January 1, 2015, Mrs. mr. C.J.M. Weebers-Vrenken MRE exercises the function of complaints officer. In case of a complaint directed at the complaints officer, Mrs. mr. A.J.L. Claassen acts as interim complaints officer.