Municipality, province and the national government play an important role in (re)development, the design and the realisation, management and exploitation of real estate. Law and legislation at a national and a European level can limit your options but can also offer you clear opportunities.

Especially for location and area development, it is important to acquire clarity early on regarding possible pitfalls and opportunities of public law. These pitfalls and opportunities are settled by the environmental law, which regulates the physical environment and is shaped in the Netherlands by laws such as the Wabo, the Chw, the Wro, as well as related law and regulation regarding environmental quality requirements, such as external safety, noise and air quality, nature protection and water management, which affect the spatial planning.

We are happy to help you identify these pitfalls and opportunities and to utilise the applicable laws and regulation. We can assist you in the preparation and establishment of zoning changes, project deviation decrees and environmental licences.