Mission and vision

Our mission is:
Teamwork aimed at achieving the best result for our clients and if possible for society as an economy and as constitutional state.

Our vision is:
The profession of lawyer requires a feeling for relations, life experience, creativity, commercialism and entrepreneurship. Just like working in the real estate industry. For sizeable cases, we work in teams that combines all the necessary competences.

Specialisation contributes to the quality of work and the added value of us as your consultant. We also possess a network of consultants for the adjacent (legal) areas.

Weebers Vastgoed Advocaten N.V. is a partnership with a different structure from most law firms. This structure is partially inspired by structures for long-term collaboration in the real estate industry. Our guiding principle is safeguarding quality with an incentive for our partners to invest in our client relations.

Our clients appreciate that we bear entrepreneurial risk for our approach to cases.

 mission and vision