mr. Paulien Mars

Paulien Mars (1981) studied Dutch Law and Environmental Law at Tilburg University. In 2006 she was sworn as a lawyer. She has developed as an all-round real estate lawyer, with an affinity for corporate law and litigation. In 2013 she successfully completed the Grotius specialist course in Real Estate law.

Within the team at Weebers Vastgoed Advocaten, she is focussed on the commercial real estate practice. Her extensive experience in commercial litigation combined with a clear way of communicating implies a quick and optimal service for real estate owners and other stakeholders.

Paulien has registered the following legal areas in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar:

  •  Tenancy law
  •  Contract law

According to the standards of the Netherlands Bar the registration obliges her to obtain ten training credits per year in each of the registered legal areas.

Paulien is a member of the Association for Real Estate Lawyers. In her spare time she does volunteer work and enjoys traveling.