Preliminary injuction procurements

Procurements by governments for the development and/or construction of projects is not always organised correctly. Even governments and their consultants can make mistakes. If you, as tenderer or developer, do not come out as winning tenderer despite your expectations, you can ask yourself if you wish to challenge the evaluation and awarding.

The preliminary injunction procurements and the procedure at the Commission of Procurement Experts are both brief procedures that can be efficiently guided by us with the right work arrangements. This supervision consists of a joint fact-finding and conclusion regarding the chance of success on the one hand and on the other hand – if we decide to continue – assistance during the procedure itself. We have established a protocol for both components, for information provision and the strategy for the case, which aligns with current jurisprudence, contract forms and legislation. By applying this protocol, we can supervise both procedures for you at a fixed rate.

– Honorarium fact-finding and conclusion                                                       € 1,500
– Honorarium preliminary injunction up to a scope of € 270,000               € 3,000
– Honorarium preliminary injunction above € 270,000                                € 6,000 – excluding court fees and bailiff fees
– Procedure Commission of Experts                                                                   € 4,500

If you are interested, please contact Mr. C. Weebers MRE.