Appeal or intervention on behalf of stakeholder during zoning plan procedures and exploitation plans

After determining zoning plans, it is possible to lodge an appeal against it with the Council of State. This is often expedient for companies/owners located in/near the zone area as a stakeholder, since the established zoning plan includes the construction and usage possibilities of plots for the coming years. It may also be necessary for contractors/developers with interest in the zoning area to lodge an appeal. For example, when this party has concluded an anterior agreement with the municipality and if they have the intention of concluding a posterior agreement. The market player that will partially/fully realise the area development can also register as stakeholder. This is often recommended, as it enables you to support the defence of the municipal council in the appeal procedure from the functional and commercial perspective of the project. Our firm guides various area developments and often acts as proxy for zoning plan procedures. We do so for companies, developers and municipalities. Appeal procedures, for appellants or stakeholders, are comprehensible and clear procedures that allow for an accurate prior estimate of the necessary activities, based on experience.

This means that we can offer lodging an appeal on behalf of a company or developer or acting as stakeholder on behalf of a developer or real estate owner for a fixed honorarium. In all the above-mentioned cases, it is necessary to get a full view of the circumstances, to submit the defence/further documentation, to draw up a trial brief and to attend the session of the Administrative Law Division.

The activities regarding the exploitation plan procedure are similar. As such, the same standard costs apply to this procedure. In a concurrence of events, a reduced total price can be agreed upon based on further agreements. As mentioned, we also assist municipalities in zoning plan procedures. Our involvement depends on the possibility of freeing civil commitment, the quality of the public participation procedure and the complexity of the plan. Upon request, we can also provide a package of fixed honoraria for this guidance.